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Online Business Course Discovery 360


Managers and business owners can work through our online modules at their own pace and sometimes it is convenience for them as well. Our online business course requires no prerequisites or exams at the end of course completion. However, rigorous and interactive mock tests, self assessment tests along with exercises will be practiced to enhance your learning and monitor your progress as you learn and work through the content.


Our course includes interactive exercise and frameworks to get learners engagement and provide real time learning in various scenarios. We also provide additional resources.

Easy Access:

Ours is an online course and thus can be accessed right from anywhere. While some courses are enriched with quality audio learning material, you will get online learning access as well.

Time Spent:

An average online learning of about 4 to 5 hours is required. It depends on you if you want to break it in schedules or learn at once. You will get a login for about 90 days during which you will have fully fledged access as many times as you wish.

The benefits:

Online business benefits require no formal introduction as we all know that it won’t need rentals, employees, team and you can enjoy the flexible working hours and work in your own comfort zone.

Why online businesses fail?

  • Little market research
  • High investment but little knowledge about customers interest
  • High cost advertising and low ROI
  • Not knowing the customer base

At Discovery 360, we have helped numerous individuals acquire their online business goals and fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, professional knowledge is mandatory in both cases.

Start your successful online business

Learn for a limited time period and gain immense knowledge that has been penned down by professional and start your Profitable online business today.

Highlights of this seminar:

You will learn:

  • How to startup an online business with higher success rate and avenues
  • Identify your market and customers so that your customers can find and reach you easily
  • How to make your website work and drive unlimited traffic
  • A simple 3-step formula for online success
  • Proven results and strategies that will help to generate additional revenues and many more!

Course Description

Starting and setting up an online business with Discovery 360 is a journey of few hours that includes various small sized modules. These modules are focused to create an impactful online business, no matter whether you have experience or not! From basic fundamentals to most advanced concepts, you can learn it all about online marketing strategy.

You will initially be taught about online success, website building, online marketing, writing and spreading words, payment processing, online marketing tools usage, understanding SEO In depth, employing affiliates, handling legal issues, planning beyond the website and more!

For those who have a fair idea about business and are looking forward to move it online rather than operating traditionally, this course could be of great help. The crowd is moving towards online web world and making or converting your business online has become primary.

Our modules also include review assignments and mock test to empower the aspirant with greater knowledge and master the various concepts. You will get to learn the tips and knowledge on your fingertips.

Using high quality information and learning material provided by Dicovery360, at class completion you will have learned how to start up your own online business, how to grow it and secure the future with best practices. Join today to grow tomorrow!

Kevin Ban- Online Business Course Instructor

Recognized and renowned as an instructor in the fields of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Kelvin is the founder and a top notched mentor of Discovery 360, a Digital marketing and Training Company in Singapore. His courses have been delivering help to individuals to attain their presence goals and thrive in the digital web era.

Kevin has a mission to train and master businesses and individuals to establish their name successfully and create a profitable name for themselves in the online market place. Kevin himself is a certified individual for various digital practices and has been the name behind numerous successful websites across Asia and Singapore. He masters the art of increasing lead generation, online conversion, eliminate the bouncing back rate and bring on a stable profit growth.

Kevin’s courses include Website Design Training, YouTube Marketing, Internet Marketing, WordPress and also SEO Training Courses in Singapore.

Kevin’s courses include Website Design Training, YouTube Marketing, Online business course, Internet Marketing, WordPress and also SEO Training Courses in Singapore.